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Dear Member,July 20, 2019

Jai Jinendra!

This letter is to solicit, from general membership, nominations for serving on the BOT as follows:

  • 3 Year BOT Term (starting 2020, 2021 and 2022) - Two Trustee position getting vacated in 2019 shown as

Board of Trustees - (Current & Continuing)

BOT ChairpersonManoj (Surabhi) Modi(Term Expiring 2019)
Vice-ChairpersonSanjay (Manisha) Bhandari(Term Expiring 2019)
TrusteeSmita Sheth(Term Expiring 2020)
TrusteeAshok (Parul) Shah(Term Expiring 2020)
Trustee (EC President)Manish (Ritu) Jain(Term Expiring 2020)
Trustee 3 Year TermRahul (Gayatri) Munot(Term Expiring 2021)
Trustee 3 Year TermRajiv (Reepal) Shah(Term Expiring 2021)

The Election will be held at the Society's General Body Meeting on Sunday, November 2, 2019 during our Annual Diwali program. The Nomination Form for the open BOT & EC positions is attached here.

Completed Nomination Form must be submitted by mail with postmark no later than Monday, October 14, 2019.

The eligibility criteria for BOT and EC Nominees and Voting Members, per Constitution, are:

  • To be eligible for the nominee, the person must have been an eligible Voting Member for at least three (3) consecutive years prior to election

  • Voting Member must have paid membership dues prior to but no later than June 1, 2019

  • Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson shall be nominated from the continuing Board of Trustees, who have the first right of refusal, and are in good standing. In case of refusal by the continuing Board of Trustees for any of these positions, the Nomination Committee shall solicit nomination for these positions from past members of the Board of Trustees and Executive Committee Presidents, who are in good standing with their society membership

The Jain Society of Greater Detroit needs your leadership, vision and active participation to accomplish the tasks of planning and executing regular activities at OUR TEMPLE, as well as planning for our future. We urge you to volunteer and submit your nomination to serve in the BOT & EC.

Please contact anyone of the committee member if you have any question.


Hemant Shah - Chair, Nomination & Election Committee

[email protected]

Home: (248) 426-6565 Fax: (248) 471-2199

Other Members of Nomination & Election Committee:

  • Anand Bora: 248-661-6698, Kalpanaben Choksi: 734-591-7829, Anil Jain: 248-426-0494,

    Jigesh Madhani: 248-412-1642, Rajiv Maheshwari: 248-488-1332,

    Arvinbhai (Jayaben) Shah: 248-681-5233, Bhupendrabhai Shah: 248-396-5644 ( Advisor )

CC: Manoj Modi, Chairman, 2019 Board of Trustees