JSGD's 26th Annual Fundraising Dinner

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Silent Art Auction and Exhibition

Express your Creativity through Charity

FRD 2019 Invitation
  26th JSGD Fundraising Committee presents silent art auction and exhibition of the artwork donated by the JSGD kids.  
  Purpose: To encourage, inspire and unleash the creativity of the JSGD kids and to instill the seed of the charity in our future generation.  
  Mission: To give back to JSGD temple through JSGD kid's creativity.  
  Eligibility: All the JSGD kids between the age 3 - 18 years old are eligible to participate in this auction and exhibition.  
  Process: JSGD kids can participate by donating any form of their own created artwork from the categories mentioned below:
  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Ceramics
  • Sculpture
  • Crafts
These donated artworks will be showcased on 30th March 2019 during 26th Annual Fundraising Event as an exhibit gallery. Guests will be encouraged and allowed to silently bid on each artwork with the ownership of the artwork given to the highest bidder of that artwork and the proceeds going to Jain Society of Greater Detroit.
  How to enter in the auction/exhibition:  
  Application Process
  • Each participant must fill out and submit the online registration form by 11th February 2019.
  • The link for the form is: https://jsgd.org/artdonation
  Submission Process
  • Participants must submit the completed artwork(s) to one of the designated society member - (Manish Jain, Gayatri Munot, Mamata Maheshwari or Shreya Shah) in a safe packaging by March 28th.
  General participation guidelines - For ALL CATEGORIES
  • Artwork must be within the 5 categories mentioned above.
  • Each artwork must be an independent, original work of the student submitting the artwork and should not infringe on any copyrights or should not be plagiarized.
  • Multiple entries are permitted by one student within the above mentioned 5 categories. Each entry needs its own separate registration form to be filled out.
  • All artist identification should not be visible.
  • Artwork may or may not be related to Jainism.
  • Artwork should not show or encourage any kind of violence and should be in good taste.
  • Artwork should be a complete work without any damage like scratches, cuts, tears etc.
  • 2D artwork must be mounted and cannot exceed 24" X 30"
  • 3D artwork cannot exceed 24" X 30" X 24" and must be mounted such that it can stand by itself on a flat surface.
  • Ownership of the artwork will be to its highest bidder.
  • All artwork auction proceeds will go to Jain Society of Greater Detroit.
  • In case any artwork has not been bid upon, it will be returned to the donor.
  • Each artwork should be submitted with a 4" x 6" Index card with details. Please include, on the right-hand side of the index card, student's name, study class group name, contact phone number. It should also include a brief description of the entry not exceeding more than 7 lines.
  • Artists agree that all accepted work will be at discretion of Fundraising Committee and will be for sale at the night of the Auction, March 11th 2019 with the ownership to its highest bidder.
  Registration Form:
  • Each participant needs to fill out the online registration form. Please click on the link below for the registration form.
  • http://jsgd.org/artdonation
  • Each entry needs its own registration form i.e. if more than one artwork submitted by one student, he/she needs to fill out separate registration form for each of his/her entry.
  Registration Ends: February 11th 2019. No Entry will be accepted past deadline.  
  Submission of the donated Artwork:  
  Submission of the donated artwork can be done to any of these designated society members - Manish Jain, Gayatri Munot, Mamata Maheshwari or Shreya Shah. One of these members will be present at each study class till the event date.  
  Submission date ends: March 11th 2019.No artwork will be accepted past deadline.  
  Bidding Process:
  • Each artwork will be displayed and showcased during the night of the 2019 Fundraising Event.
  • Each artwork will have a 4" x 6" Index card showcasing the name of the creator/donor of the artwork and a brief description of that artwork.
  • Each artwork will be provided with its own bidding sheet and the ink pen for guests to write their name and the bidding amount.
  • Bidding process will end at a predetermined time at the discretion of the Fundraising Committee.
  • Bidding amounts written on the bidding sheets will be open to public viewing to encourage the bidders to appreciate the talents of our young artists.
  • Fundraising Committee will evaluate highest bidder per the bidding sheet and handover the ownership of the artwork to the highest bidder.
  • All proceeds will be added to that night's JSGD fundraising amount.
  Please feel free to contact any of the following members with any questions:  
  Shreya Shah - 248-842-6737  
  Gayatri Munot - 248-495-2340  
  Email Contact - [email protected]  
  We look forward for all the amazing study class artists to come forward and Express their Creativity through Charity.  
Every drop in the ocean counts  
- Yoko Ono