JSGD's 26th Annual Fundraising Dinner

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A beautiful color brochure is planned for the event and we sincerely request you to patronize by advertising your business or personal advertisement in the brochure.

We expect over 400 people for the Fundraising Dinner. Your message will reach a large audience with wide professional background.

Please E-mail your advertisement and sponsorship to [email protected]

Rates for advertisements are:

Back Page (Color / Full page): $2,500.00 Full Page (B&W): $700.00
Inside Front (Color / Full page): $1,500.00 Half Page (Color): $500.00
Inside Back (Color): $1,500.00 Half Page (B&W): $300.00
Full Page (Color): $1,000.00 Personal standard ad with
names of family members:
Full Page (B&W):    $700.00
Half Page (Color):    $500.00
Half Page (B&W):    $300.00
Personal standard ad with names of family members:    $150.00

Advertisement Rates $2,500 $1,500 $1,500 $1,000 $700 $500 $300 $150
Event tickets 4 2 2 2        
Advertisement Size Full Outside Back Full Inside Front Full Inside Back Full Full Half Half  
Color or B&W Color Color Color Color B&W Color B&W  
Display on Event Day
Jain Vani Publication
(One time)
Repeat Jain Vani Publication
(business only)
JSGD Website Yellow Pages
(Entire 2019)
JSGD Website
(from now until event date)
Email Newsletter
(for Businesses)
Ad in iOS & Android App
(for Businesses)
Personal standard ad with names of family members