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May 17, 2020

Launch of COVID-19 Relief Fund

Jai Jinendra and Pranam Society Members:

Jain Society of Greater Detroit (JSGD) has a proud tradition of giving towards humanitarian efforts during natural disasters. Compassion towards other living souls (Jivdaya) is one of the fundamental virtues that has been passed down to us through many generations, and it sets forth our commitment to help in any possible ways to souls that are suffering. JSGD has led several relief initiatives in recent years to raise funds for humanitarian causes around the globe such as Gujarat earthquake, Tsunami, Haiti earthquake, as well as our annual Jivdaya pledge to name just a few. We are in the middle of the biggest humanitarian crisis of our lifetime with arrival of the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Is JSGD leading any humanitarian efforts during the COVID-19 crisis?

With compassion in mind, JSGD is proudly announcing the launch of the COVID-19 Relief Fund "JCRF". JCRF is a fund-raising initiative established by the JSGD Board of Trustees (BoT). It is an appeal to the society members to donate generously to help others during this crisis. JCRF aims to raise $100,000 from the JSGD members, their friends and families by May 31, 2020. JCRF brings together our collective strengths with a united voice to make a monumental difference in the community.

Who are recipients of the JCRF?

COVID-19 has impacted the State of Michigan significantly and JSGD BoT has made a conscious decision to lead this fund-raising initiative and donate towards humanitarian efforts locally within the State of Michigan. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for us to carry forward our mission of compassion and get involved with this noble cause of Jivdaya to raise the much-needed funds for struggling families in Michigan. This pandemic has claimed many lives in Michigan, impacted our population by the thousands, businesses have been shuttered, and unemployment is at its highest since the Great Depression. People of Michigan are struggling to provide even the necessities for their families such as food, medicine and shelter. The State of Michigan is home (or home away from home) to many of us and it is our moral obligation to help fellow Michiganders in their time of need and to make a meaningful difference in our local community.

After a careful consideration, JSGD has identified the following two recipients to donate 100% of the pledges received through JCRF equally:

  1. The State of Michigan - the State of Michigan's COVID-19 Response and Recovery Initiative through the State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC) helps families in critical needs in the City of Detroit and throughout the State of Michigan to provide food and water, education support for children, and other essential activities as needs are identified.
  2. Gleaners Community Food Bank - Governor Whitmer has identified "fighting hunger" as one of her many initiatives during this crisis. Gleaners is one of the nation's leading food banks that provides food assistance in the Metro Detroit area to families and out-of-school children who may no longer receive nutritious meals daily. Gleaners has been leading the fight against hunger in the State of MI since 1977 and has been awarded as the best managed non-profit by Crain's Detroit. Our valuable donation will augment their food supplies and feed the hungry during their time of need.

Furthermore, if any JSGD society members require any assistance during this crisis, reach out directly to Rahul Munot, BoT chair, at 248-495-9705. Please be assured that your information will remain completely confidential.

How can JSGD members and well-wishers support?

JCRF needs your support today to reach our fundraising goal of $100,000 by May 31, 2020. Please donate generously through the temple's website at https://www.jsgd.org/jcrf or simply call any of the JCRF committee members. For your generous contribution towards this cause and to inspire others to participate, you may also provide us your message of compassion in a written or a video format to be published on the JSGD Facebook page as well as in the JSGD weekly newsletter.

The need is urgent and immediate. We request that all JSGD members donate generously to this once in a lifetime opportunity towards this humanitarian cause and any amount of support you provide will help someone in time of their need. JCRF is introducing the following sponsorship opportunities to generate excitement amongst our donors and provide an incentive to meet our fundraising goal in a timely manner:

  1. Auspicious Labh of "Dwar Opening" post COVID-19 - $21,000 (3 families can participate)
  2. Platinum Sponsor - $10,000
  3. Gold Sponsor - $5,000
  4. Silver Sponsor - $3,000
  5. Bronze Sponsor - $1,000 (25 spots)
  6. JCRF Supporter - $300 (200 spots)

JSGD is a non-profit tax-exempt religious organization and your contributions towards this charitable cause may be tax deductible, so please consult your tax advisor. Also, check your employer's matching policies to enhance your charitable contribution. Along with your monetary donations, we need volunteers as well as your creative ideas to help generate the funds promptly. Please contact any of the JCRF committee members ([email protected]) if you would like to volunteer or have additional questions.

Thank you and Jai Jinendra

JCRF Committee

Rahul Munot
Smita Sheth
Biren Shah
Manish Jain
Smita Koradia
Hemant Shah
Jinansh Shah
Rajiv Maheshwari
Bhupendra Shah
Jignesh Madhani