For last so many years, the Gnan Sanskar Shibir is conducted by Tapovan in Ahmedabad (India), exclusively for the children of NRIs from USA, UK, Japan, UAE, HK, etc. These Shibir’s are founded on four pillars:

  • Technical Knowledge – I know (જ્ઞાન)
    • Dharmik Knowledge like basic Sutras, Stavans, Stories, Astaprakari Pooja, etc.
  • Practical Knowledge – I do (સંસ્કાર)
    • Ashta Prakari Pooja, Guru Vandan, Chaitya Vandan, etc.
  • Cultural Knowledge (સંસ્કૃતિ / ધરોહર)
    • Knowledge of Indian Heritage, Tradition & Legacy.
    • Get used to our Custom & Culture
    • Can be done when they stay together and Connect with each other (Also builds Bonding with each other & removes home sickness)
    • So we’ll keep them Residential – Stay Overnight
  • Fun Activities
    • We’ll have lot of fun activities like Sports, Games, Workshop, Projects, etc

JSGD Gnan Sanskar Shibir
JSGD is planning to bring the same Tapovan Shibir right at our doorstep coming summer 2019.
  • Guide/Mentor: He is from Tapovan and has done many such shibirs in Australia, Kenya and so on
  • Dates:
    • July 23rd - July 28th (for 8 to 18 years)
    • July 25th - July 28th (for 5 to 8 years)
  • Location: JSGD Temple, Farmington Hills, MI
  • Age Group: 5 to 18 years (for Boys & Girls)
  • Shibir Capacity: 50 participants (First come first serve)
  • Fees:
    • $200 (for 8 to 18 years)
    • $150 (for 5 to 8 years)
  • Chaperons: Expect at least one parent to volunteer as a night chaperon during the shibir. We might not require it, if we have enough volunteers.Further details will be provided during orientation.
  • Registration Forms:
team member
Wake up early around 6 o'clock in the morning by a single call & rushes for Yoga.
team member
Do Samayik every day.
team member
Astaprakari Pooja, Chaitya Vandan & 'Nrutya Bhakti' in front of Bhagvan
team member
Chauvihar and Navkarshi daily.
team member
Not eat anything before Prabhu Darshan and Guruvandan.
team member
Keep Maun while eating during Navkarshi, Lunch and Dinner.
team member
Enjoy Outdoor sports like Indian traditional games at the fullest.
team member
Learn about 14 Rajlok, 4 Gati, Jiv Vichar, 6 paryapti, etc. during daytime in Sanskar Lab.
Logo Competition information
  • Best Shibir Logo will be awarded with Gift card.
  • Also that Shibir logo will be included on the Website and on the T-shirts.
  • Competition is only for the children of JSGD members.
  • Logo to be submitted in Color Printout (Hard Copy) by March 10, 2019 to:
    • Chirag Jhaveri / Rahul Shah (Shibir Coordinators)
    • Study Class Coordinators
  • Keep soft copy of the Logo.
Photo courtesy by Tapovan Ahmedabad (India). The NRI Children Shibir 2019 in Tapovan Ahmedabad is scheduled from July 14-21, 2019. Those who cannot make it to Tapovan Shibir 2019, can join here in Detroit. Click here for more info on Tapovan Shibir

Shibir Coordinators Core Committee
Chirag Jhaveri (Lead)
Rahul Shah (Co-Lead)
Dipen Shah (Publication)
Tushar Shah (Secretary)
Vinay Shah (Shibir Coordinator)
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