JSGD has designed four categories of pujas. Please refer to Puja Samagri Policy and Puja Explanation.

For sponsoring any of these four types of pujas the family has to be a member of JSGD. If not, we kindly advise the family to do so.

We have following three contacts to proceed for further inquiry:

      1.Shashin Shah (EC Vice-president) : [email protected] or text at 248-635-0535
      2.Mahendra J Shah (Puja Team Lead) : [email protected]
      3.Deepak Shah (Pujari) : [email protected] or text at 848-248-9032

For any further question or inquiry please contact Mahendra J. Shah at 313-702-8412 or E-mail: [email protected]

JSGD organizes 5 to 6 pujas during the year. The list for year 2019 Pujas is posted on notice board at the temple and also available on the schedule page.


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